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At the beginning of the academic year 1991, and since its establishment, the Faculty of Science has taught basic science subjects such as mathematics, physics, statistics and nutrition to the various faculties of the university. In order to keep pace with modern developments in applied sciences and the requirements of the times in the twenty-first century and the need for it, the Faculty of Science introduced the specialization of mathematics in 2004, which was later separated from the Department of Basic Sciences at the beginning of the academic year 2022 with the aim of preparing and training qualified cadres in order to contribute to filling the shortage in the number of qualified In the specialty of mathematics.

The Faculty of Science awards a bachelor's degree in mathematics, where the Department of Mathematics aims to qualify and prepare students in various theoretical and applied directions and take into account the need to work to raise the level of achievement for students, whether in universities or schools, by focusing on quality and presenting modern teaching methods that will research in depth in mathematical concepts and train students to analyze and conclude. It traine noted that the study plan for the specialization has attached importance to training students on the use of modern software in teaching basic concepts in mathematics and statistics. All this is done through an integrated process in teaching these subjects through a distinguished group of faculty members and the provision of textbooks, scientific references and various mathematical software for students.

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