Department of Public Services

Department of Public Service


Maintaining a high level of cleanliness and contributing to having a distinguished and well-integrated university in which the student and the employee will be the sign of its uniqueness and excellence.



Rendering high quality foodstuff services to students and the university cadre. We also seek to ensure university cleanliness through making good use of the best  resources, modern technologies and effective partnership with students, staff and stakeholders,and adopting an effective monitoring system that is implemented by a highlspecialized and qualified cadre.



Public services department is considered the connecting link throughout all faculties and departments at the university. It is responsible for all follow up and supervision processes pertaining to various investment tenders. In addition, it constantly aspires to enhance the level of services offered to the university students and employees. The main duties and responsibilities of this Department are:

  1. Monitoring trading outlets, main cafeterias and kiosks to ensure the best services rendered to students, employees and visitors.
  2. The University provides a good number of cafeterias and kiosks that serve foodstuffs and drinks. These cafeterias and kiosks are monitored by the Ministry of Health as well as the University's Public Services Department.
  3. The Department binds the investor to submit certificates free of disease and non-conviction or misdemeanor certificates for all employees.
  4. The Department also binds the investor to observe cleanliness regulations of the place. All investors' employees should use plastic handgloves and headcovers, they should wear a special uniform for every site.
  5. The Department conducts regular inspection campaigns intended to check storing places and expiry dates. It cares for having storerooms in conformity with specifications set by the Ministry of Health.
  6. The Department specifies a special cleaning worker for every place and the bathrooms there. It is not allowed for this worker to enter food preparation rooms which should be kept closed .It also checks refrigerators cleanliness.
  7. The Department emphasizes the necessity of presenting all foodstuffs in display fridges for students.
  8. Surveillance of services rendered by the cleaning company around the clock.
  9. Receiving remarks or complaints from students relating to cafeterias or kiosks.
  10. Follow up and renewal of annual licenses.
  11. Monitoring all service utilities and following up cleaning works at the university campus.
  12. Conducting daily inspection campaigns for all public health utilities yards and car parking lots to ensure that they are clean and notifying Maintenance Department of any remarks.
  13. Attracting distinguished investors to provide the best services to students as well as all personnel working at the University.
  14. Coordinating with deanships, faculties and the Department of Public Relations in respect of all services required for conferences and other events.
  15. Collaborating with the Deanship of Student Affairs for preparing the stadium or the gymnasium for graduation ceremonies.

The University has recently appointed a nutrition supervisor to advise and guide the personnel working in field of nutrition. The supervisor will also be in charge of health culture, nutrition quality assurance and public safety.  


Future Plans:

Promote awareness among students and staff to attain top levels of cleanliness through self-monitoring team work spirit.


Staff:The Department houses the following staff:

-  Hanan Husni Al-Aboudi : Director

-  Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Zayadneh : Public Services Coordinator

-  Mohammad Khalifa Al-Omari : Public Services Supervisor

-  Mohammad Ahmed Al-Kateeb : Public Services Supervisor

-  Dalal Khaled Abu Esbetan : Public Services Supervisor

-  Maryam Ali Salman : Cleaning woman

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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