Physiotherapy Brochure

Physiotherapy Brochure

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy


Why Philadelphia University?

Philadelphia University is one of the distinguished private universities that was established in 1989. For the seventh year in a row, it ranked first among Jordanian private universities and ranked sixth among public and private Jordanian universities, according to the Webometrics Global Ranking for the evaluation of international universities and institutes for the year 2020. Philadelphia University is distinguished in Teaching, learning, scientific research and community service in accordance with international standards.


What is the specialty of physiotherapy?

The specialty of physiotherapy is one of the modern medical specialties that emerged in response to the great developments in health services worldwide, the increase in the number of people and life rates, which are usually associated with many chronic diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and disorders that affect the muscular and nervous system. These diseases usually lead to movement disabilities and a defect in the functions of organs. Therefore there is a need for physical therapy services. Physiotherapy includes: water therapy, manual therapy, massage, heat therapy, treatment with various modalities and different physical methods.

The main objective pf the physiotherapy specialization is to enable students to use therapeutic methods that to establish diagnosis, prevention, management of diseases. It also include management of movement disorders using therapeutic exercises and various electrophysical agents.

It also includes the rehabilitation of people with special needs, and includes areas of bones, nerves, muscles, respiratory system, circulatory system, burns, wounds, and various motor impairments.


What will I do in the future?

  1. Manual therapist
  2. A physical therapist for various musculoskeletal diseases
  3. Physiotherapist for neurological diseases
  4. Physiotherapist for sports injuries
  5. Physiotherapist for pediatric cases
  6. Physiotherapist for the elderly
  7. A nonsurgical therapist for diseases of the heart and lungs.


Get acquainted with one of the faculty members in the specialty of physiotherapy, where we will accompany you on a study journey that will last for four years of knowledge and giving.

I am Prof. Fuad Abdulla, I hold a PhD in neurorehabilitation and neuroscience. I am a member of a number of international and Arab scientific societies, universities and bodies. I supervised more than 10 PhD students and 49 master's students, and I am currently working as a faculty member and chair of the Department of Physiotherapy in the College of Allied Medical Sciences at Philadelphia University.


What will I study during my study journey in the field of physiotherapy?

The program offers a selection of subjects that qualify you to be competent in the labor market. The subjects you will study are divided into: 1. University requirements that contribute to building your language and communication skills in the Arabic and English languages, and also contribute to refining your personality, developing thinking skills, and developing your sense of citizenship, such as: communication skills, leadership and innovation, leadership and social responsibility, thinking skills, and national education. 2. College requirements that provide you with basic information about basic sciences, including physics and chemistry, in addition to anatomy and physiology. 3. Specialization requirements that fall under the main areas: Assessment and anatomy of the musculoskeletal system, therapeutic exercises at different levels, physiotherapy for various conditions including sports injuries, bone and muscle diseases, nervous system diseases, heart and lung diseases, surgical cases, children’s cases, and field training is one of the requirements for specialization, where you are trained 12 hours in one of the approved training institutions in the department, which contributes to linking the practical and applied aspects of the specialization, and helps you market yourself before graduation.

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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