Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

A- Knowledge and Understanding.

A1) State the essential mathematics relevant to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

A2) Discuss a wide range of principles and tools available to the software developer, such as design methodologies, choice of algorithm, languages, software libraries, and use a tools relevant to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

A3) Explain the principles of various current applications and research areas of the subject including Intelligent Systems, databases, software engineering, networks, and Data Science.

A4) Describe a wide range of software  tools and hardware used in the development of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence applications.

A5) Identify ethical responsibilities and professional certifications in the labor market for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence like (Python, R,  Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional Certification, SPSS, Professional Certificate in IBM DATA SCIENCE).


B- Intellectual Skills.

B1) Analyze a wide range of problems and provide solutions through suitable algorithms, data structures, diagrams, and other appropriate methods.

B2) Design a model and software system of significant size.

B3) Plan a range of solutions and critically evaluate and justify proposed design solutions.

B4) Propose e-courses for self-learning to be ready for professional certifications.


C- Practical Skills.

C1) Sketch a project in the areas of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

C2) Illustrate coherent and structured verbal and written technical reports.

C3) Demonstrate technical presentations suitable for the time, place, and audience.

C4) Use scientific literature effectively and make discriminating use of Web resources.

C5) Apply for computer programs in appropriate languages.

C6) Employ appropriate software-based design support tools.


D-Transferable Skills and Personal Qualities.

D1) Support an integrated approach to the deployment of communication skills to work effectively with others.

D2) Use IT skills and display mature computer literacy.

D3) Working effectively with or without workgroups

D4) Take personal responsibility by working to multiple deadlines in complex activities.

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