Course Description

Credit Risk Management       0320441 

Course credit risk management is compulsory and advanced degree in Banking and finance requirements. This course deal with the review of credit risk on the banking and trade credit level. Traditionally, lenders faced credit risk in default by borrowers, and fill those, the credit risk remain of major concern to lenders and on a global scale. so till lenders should know more about the subject of credit worthiness of borrowers, allowing the to maximize profits and increase the market value of their shares by reducing the risk, as well us reduce the financial reserves allocated to address the bad debt opportunities. So it is important that the students recognizes the appropriate framework to reduce credit risk and sound rules that require taken into account when building the portfolio of credit. This course provides the students the foundation for understanding the process of credit risk management in order to give them the ability to discuss the details of the various aspect relating to the analysis of credit risk and credit rating problems and methodology of base ІІ to reduce the credit risk .

Financial Analysis           0320413

Financial analysis is one of the topics which is increasing interest in it as a financing tool for control, performance evaluation and in district decision –making. This subject deal with the theoretical and practical framework the principles and foundation related to financial analysis, identification of analysis tools and how to use them to obtain financial information an interpretation in order to reach indicators help identify what will be the relationship between the elements of financial statements and work to intervene if it is detected that they are going in the direction of unwanted and which affects the overall financial structure of the company .

Money and Banking     0320221

Money and Banking is a coercive department requirement (Macroeconomics is prerequisite ) The course consist of : Study the historical evolution of money , the role of money in different economic system and in national economy .

The Course include analyzing of Monetary Theory (supply and demand sides ) and the role of centrals and commercial banks in the national economy.

Islamic Banking    0320322

This course is one of the mandatory requirements in Banking and Finance department, It aims to provide the students with: the basic fundamentals In Islamic Investment, the aspects of Usury (Riba), and the difference between Interest rate (Usury) and each of Profit and Rent. Besides, it aims to define the Islamic Banks; its characteristics, emergence (theoretically and practically), and how to distinguish between Islamic banks and traditional ones. Finally to provide the students about Mudarabah, Musharakah (partnership), Ijarah, and Murabaha.

Microeconomics      0320151

Microeconomics is concerned with the study of economics units that make up the economy. It examines the functioning of markets through Supply and Demand and how the price is determined, it also includes the Equilibrium and to be considered the consumer behavior .  

Finally, it studies the costs and production and the way that the producer reach his equilibrium especially in Perfect Competition Market …

Investment Management      0320432

The course deals with the study of the economic origin of the concept of investment and its types, the definition of investment, concepts of return and risk, types and sources of risk as well as investment and speculation. The course also discusses appropriate strategies in investment , and  the basic concepts in the evaluation of various investment projects. The course also discusses the design of investment portfolios and evaluating the efficiency and efficiency of portfolio managers.

Financial Derivatives        0320442

This course is a basic requirement for students of financial and banking sciences. It deals with the theoretical framework of financial derivatives in terms of their concept and types, investment mechanisms and their role in risk management. Derivatives include both options, forward contracts, future contracts, and  SWAPS. The course covers various financial risk theories, including interest rate risk, lending risk, liquidity risk, currency risk, technology risk and operational risk.

Economic Feasibility Studies     0320415

This course discusses the principles and theoretical basis for economic feasibility studies and their relationship with economic growth of any country. The economic feasibility studies concerned with analyzing or evaluating economic projects from the standpoint of the entrepreneur (entrepreneur) and the national economy.  Where the course  involving the  basic  stages for implementing of the feasibility study, which includes market study, technical study, financial study .

Financial Management   0320211 

This course will provide an initial exposure on the principal of foundations of finance, which is needed by all types of businesses. The topics discussed include the role of financial management, financial statements, and the concepts of time value of money. In addition, this course discussed the short term financing and investment decision which includes: working capital management, cash management, and inventory and account receivable management.

Financial Markets    0320423

The course aims to introduce the concept of the financial market and its role in the financial system. The course also reviews the functions and types of financial markets, the mechanics of financial markets, the efficiency of financial markets and the most important indicators. In addition to the above, the course describes the tools of the money market and the capital market and how to make investment decisions using the technical and fundamental analysis, with a focus on the Jordanian capital market.

Economic Development  0320370

This module aims to study economic and social backwardness and its characteristics and causes, it deals with the concepts of economic growth , economic development and their theories, models. It concern with some developmental experiences in the contemporary international community and focuses on the Jordanian development experience: reality and horizons

Graduation Project 0320480

The graduate research project investigates a research problem in the field of finance and banking in order to train and help the student to think about the aspects of preparation of the study projectAnd to develop them in a manner that is consistent with the scientific rules the course also aims to provide the student with research skills in terms of identifying the problem of the study and formulating the questions expressed and answered them . The course also aims at teaching the students methods of data collection and analysis, in order to present the results.

Macroeconomics  0321151

Macroeconomics is concerned with the study of how the economy functions as a whole. It involves the measurement of economic activities such as national accounts, consumption, gross investments, and government expenditures. Further, it involves the study of National Income determinations, and the problems of unemployment and inflation. Finally, it explains the role of the banking system and the importance of the monetary and fiscal policies in the economy.

Financial Management 0321211

This course includes the following topics: financial goals; financing the firm via short, intermediate, and long-term debt, preferred and common stock.

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