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Course Description for Department of Humanities

Military Science (0111100)
This course presents general military information (for Jordanian students only).

Human Thought and Civilization (1) (0111133)
This is the first of two courses which offer an overview of world civilizations and the landmark developments in the history of human thought, with special emphasis on intercultural exchange and interaction between world civilizations. This first course on the subject deals in particular, with Eastern and Arab-Islamic civilizations and discusses their most significant achievements in the different interactive spheres: material, social, political, spiritual, religious etc. It also introduces the students to some of the most influential theories on the emergence and development of human civilization. The course is organized around topics and themes whose treatment cuts through the various civilizations under focus.

Introduction to Sociology (0111111)
This course is designed to give the students basic knowledge of Sociology which has social facts as its main concern. It thus includes major themes in the field such as the definition of sociology and key sociological terms; introduces theoretical foundations laid by Ibn Khaldun’s Mukadema, as a prelude to the study of later theories developed by Comte, Durkheim & others. It also presents objectives, fields, & methods of sociological studies and applied sociology, pointing throughout the links of sociology to other disciplines. Topics such as, culture, socialization, community & individual, social change, urbanization, social mobility, & social problems, are also addressed, with reference to the Arab-Islamic societies & cultures as found necessary.

An Introduction to Psychology (0111112)
This course introduces the students to psychology, its development, scope, theories, methodologies, and its relation to other human social sciences. It surveys the basic topics of psychology such as growth, learning, motivation, intelligence, perception, aggressive personality, frustration, and violence. It also deals with the relevance of psychology to modern human life.

Social Development and Organization (0110115)
The course aims at developing awareness of local social problems, and creating positive attitudes towards social participation. It includes analysis of such related social phenomena as social change, disorganization, and development with special focus on Jordanian society. The course also includes an applied component involving students in fieldwork, which would contribute to the development of local communities.


Thinking Skills (111117)
The course is aimed at developing the students’ ability to assess arguments presented to them and to present solid arguments. It also concentrates on developing their skills to work with numbers, i.e. to be able to change ideas into budgets and to be able to relate different figures to familiar ones. This is known as assessing arithmetic. In general the course will work on the students’ ability to evaluate evidence and on developing their communication skills.

Contemporary Thought Issues (0111121)
This course aims to promote students’ understanding of some major issues that concern modern Arab society. Topics include fragmentation and divisions; technology and development; globalization; intercultural exchange, democracy, water resources, developmental challenge; Arab unity; modernization; and the Arab-Israeli conflict etc.

Introduction to Communication (0111140)
The course aims to provide students with a general background in the science of communication: theories, methods, functions, models and means of communication. It also displays the crucial role of communicative skills in social exchange and the management of interests; concepts of public opinion, advertisement, and public relations.

Media and Society (0111142)

The course deals with the role and influence of the various public media in modern society together with their institutions and organizations. It includes topics like: the relationship between the media, power structures and social systems; stereotyping and collective cultural values; the media, social change and developments; the media and politics; organization of the media institutions, analysis of media message, etc.

Human Thought and Civilization “2” (111134)
This course deals with western civilization and thought along major historical epochs including: Greek and Roman, the Middle Ages, the European Renaissance and its major achievements, the development of the scientific revolution and rationalism, the development of political thought and organization, the industrial revolution, and the relation between the West and the world.

Scientific Methods (0111160) and Scientific Methods in English (0111161)
This course aims to give the students solid grounds in doing scientific research. It discusses the methodology of scientific research highlighting various scientific methods and their development in the course of history.

Research Methods (0111162)
This course aims to give the students solid grounds in doing research methodologies. It discusses the methodology of scientific research highlighting various methods and their applications in humanities and social sciences.

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