The mission of the Department of Multimedia and Animation is to be a national and regional leader in the provision of   excellent education, training, and meaningful research in Multimedia and Animation in the context of an intellectually stimulating and creative environment. The Department's major task is to help its students develop the relevant life-long theoretical, practical, and analytical competencies with emphasis on creative design and thinking, independent judgment, technical computer skills, and both national and global cultural awareness to help them become well-rounded, creative, and competent animator designers.



The Department of Animation and Multimedia should be distinguished in teaching and learning, scientific research, community service, and creativity locally, both regionally and internationally.


  1. To prepare outstanding graduates with knowledge, knowledge and creative skills who are willing to develop their skills and performance in working life and keep up with the demands of the times.
  2. To promote scientific research and creative programs.
  3. To Promote community service and development.


Justice: Dealing fairly with all and respecting the value, dignity and legitimate freedom of the individual.

Transparency: Dealing transparently in all university processes with students, faculty and staff.

Integrity: Full commitment to professional ethics and morals within the framework of trust, honesty and sincerity.

Belonging: A sense of responsibility and loyalty to the university, society and the nation.

Cooperation:Teamwork between university staff in all its operations as well as with students.

Creativity: Understanding, encouraging and nurturing innovative ideas and solutions in the fields of education, learning and scientific research.

Professionalism: The ability to show knowledge, skill and competence in the specialization.


Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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