Recent Developments

Recent Developments and Future Plans


 Philadelphia University has increased its financial and moral support of the Student Affairs Deanship over the last four years. This reflects the awareness on the part of the University’s leadership of the vital role played by the Deanship in enhancing the quality of the services it provides to the students. This has led to:

PERFORMING a more active role in planning and participating in the Sports Union of Jordanian Universities as well as the Arts and Cultural Union of Jordanian Universities.

INTENSIFYING the Deanship efforts to keep in touch with Philadelphia University graduates.

ATTRACTING more female students to participate in the various activities organized by the Deanship.

The Student Affairs Deanship constantly revises and evaluates its plans and activities in light of the feedback it gets from direct contacts with students. The Deanship, accordingly, intends to:

INCREASE student participation in all the activities it organizes.

DOUBLE its efforts to assist outstanding students through the Student Innovation Fund.

ENCOURAGE students to participate more actively in the University’s plans to develop and improve the University’s environment.

COOPERATE with national agencies and institutions in organizing various activities and preparing Philadelphia University students for the job market.

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