Services unit

Services of Student Affairs Deanship


This unit looks after the University’s current and former students' need for support and services by

MAINTAINING the high quality of services provided to students in restaurants, green areas, and other facilities as well as receiving complaints about them to ensure that students get the best possible services.

    SETTLING disputes and solving problems that may arise among students and referring some of the difficult cases to specialized committees.

    SUPERVISING and facilitating recreational trips.

    RECEIVING and processing students’ applications concerning Students' Fund, Students' Employment Fund, and Educational Security Fund.

    ISSUING good-conduct certificates in accordance with University regulations.

    RECEIVING lost property and taking the necessary measures to deliver them to their lawful owners.

    FOLLOWING up students’ military service deferment applications.

    PREPARING and supervising University publications related to students such as the Year Book and Student's Brochure.

    ASSISTING students in finding suitable residence.

    ISSUING entrance permits for cars owned by university students.

    PROVIDING students' parents/guardians with information related to the students' academic and personal conduct.

    SUPERVISING newly admitted students' in matters related to registration.

    ISSUING university students’ ID Cards.

    SUPERVISING Student Council elections.

    ORGANIZING an annual conference on students' innovative thinking in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

Within the Student Services Department, the Almanac Office is in charge of following up former Philadelphia University students' affairs with the aim of maintaining relations with them. For that purpose, the office keeps electronic records for all University graduates. The Almanac Office endeavors to assist these graduates in finding suitable jobs through contacting local private and public companies institutions.

On 10/10/2004, the International Students Office was established with the main objective of assisting Philadelphia University non-Jordanian students in all aspects of their life at the University and in Jordan such as visas and residence permits, among other things.

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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