Seminars and Workshps

Seminars and Workshps at Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Delegation Visit to the Faculty

 -The faculty hosted a delegation from Narvik University-Norway. The delegation was headed by the president of the university. A memorandum of understanding was signed on the 8th May 2009 to establish joint ties and collaboration between the two sides.
- A delegation from the American Congress Library visited the faculty in June 2009. The purpose of the visit is to explore possible collaboration between the two sides.
 A professor from Warsaw University paid a visit to the faculty for the period 5-10 May 2009 with the intention to establish closer ties between the faculty and Warsaw University.
 -Three senior visitors from the UNSICO were welcomed at the faculty. The visitors visited some of the faculty’s scientific facilities.


Participation in Workshops

The faculty participated in the following workshops in Jordan and internationally
-Workshop on Climate Changes in Jordan, -Futuristic perspectives-Organized by the centre of future studies-Philadelphia University, 4th April 2009, Regency Hotel Amman.
-Workshop on Manpower in Jordan, organized by the centre of future studies-Philadelphia University, 26th April, Regency Hotel-Amman.
-Workshop on Middle-Class in Jordan, organized by the centre of future studies Philadelphia University, 8th August 2009, regency Hotel Amman.
-Workshop on Thematic Foresight 0n Solar Energy in Jordan –Higher Council for Science and Technology - Amman 18th June 2008.
-Workshop on the 4th Annual Conference on Technology Commercialization Amman November 2008.
-Training Course on Application of Solar Thermal Energy in Mediterranean Basin, organized by EU (ADEME), PEC, NERC, 30th June 2009.
-Training Course about Technology Incubators, Tunisia, 5-11 April 2009.
-Ninth Middle East Exhibition on Information and Telecommunication Technology “METS”, 18-22 December 2008, Hayat Amman Hotel.



Contact Information

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