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Course Description for Department of Business Administration


Introduction to Management (0330101)                
The course covers the modern concept of management the stand and evolution of management process, i.e. planning decision making, organizing directing and controlling 

Public Relations Management (0330212)
The course covers the beginnings and evolution of the PR concept as a communication process to create a friendly image of the organization and to enhance relation to all the parties that are essential for the healthy operation of the business in the context of a global economy. 

Production Operation / Processes Management (0330220)
The course covers the historical evolution of production management and the processes involved its conceptual framework and strategic objectives analysis of the production system and productivity. It also deal with production style selection of the industrial project site plant layout, production capacity planning production planning, production scheduling modern production systems as well as comprehensive production maintenance. 

Project Management    (0330221)
The course covers the concept and functions of project Management, analyze the required skills of the project Manage and the project team. The student is expired to the concept and application of PM planning and scheduling tools CPERT at CPM and how to be PM software (MS project 2003).

Small Enteric Management   (0330222)The course cover the concept and importance of small enterprise the specifics of small enterprise the legal forms of ownership of small enterprise the functions of the manage of a small enterprise in addition to the management of specialized functions of the small enterprise 

Organizational Behavior   (0330240)The course offers an analysis of the organization behavior through analysis of individual behavior group behavior in view of their effect on the efficiency of an organization. The behavioral factors that influence performance perceptions attitudes and personality are discussed and how to satisfy the various motives through effective leader ship that provide interdepartmental effective communication within the organization.

Organization Theory (0330241)
This course offers a definition of the organization its characteristics and objectives evolution of organization theory and modern concepts, the constituent of as organization and element of it environment 

Purchasing and Warehousing Management (0330261)The course covers two areas. The first is the purchasing function including its nature, objectives and functions, how to organize the purchasing department, as well as the diffident purchasing policies, determining the economic order quantity CEO for the purchase, selection of appropriate sources for purchasing at the appropriate quality and price in addition to receiving .
International Business Management (0330421)
The course introduces the concept of international business management and globalization analysis of the international business vise management specialized functional strategies (the human resources strategy, the international finance strategy, the research and development strategy), the international business manages and the vision of international business.   

Business Correspondence (0330442)
The course covers the vision style of business writing type of business letter how to format and organize the layout and content of letter. 

Information System in Management (0330458)
The course covers the concept and importance of information systems in supporting the management process. It also cover the types of information system in business organization as wall as the skill, required to analyze and develop information systems. 

Computer Applications Management (0330451)
This module is impressive for the comprehensiveness and clarity of its explanations of mainly Windows applications of personal computer research tools for business. Its accessibility to those with diverse computer literacy will raise the bar of the skills instructors can reasonably expect of their students without sacrificing valuable class time or having to prepare elaborate handouts to level the playing field. Its extensive examples will teach students a good deal of business as well as enriching their research abilities.  

Knowledge Management (0330453)
The course introduces the basics of knowledge management and knowledge resources achieving a competitive edge for the organization. It also covers the important KM model, method of meaning and evaluating KM. 

Practical (field) training in Management (0330490)
This course provides the student with practical training in public and private organizations with full academic and on – the – job supervision of their training. The student submits a report about his training which is disused by the staff member supervisor the training program. 

Research Projector Business (0330491)
Students who completed 90 credits hours are eligible to register in this course and submit a research report an of the specializes topics in business under the supervision of a staff member the repeat should comply with all the requirement of sound scientific research at the end of the semester a special committee is set up to review and evaluate the reports.  

Business Ethics (0330493)Their course cover the concept of business ethics and the relevant basic problems the historical development of the theorizer and approached business ethics important issues in business ethics in addition to social responsibility, management ethics, environmental responsibility as well as exploring management ethics in some management situations. 

Crises Management (0330403)
The course covers the concept of a crisis and contract the concepts of crisis management as apposed to management by crisis. It also deals with the cause of crisis, consequence and stage of and requirement management. It also deals with the scientific method to be used in handling the crisis. The course user done care studies of actual crisis their happened in the Arab world and in the world. 

Special Topics (0330492)
The course deals with the latest issuer in management as published in management literature in addition to discussion of some practical care studies.   

Electronic Management & Information Technology
The module has a level of expertise and experience in e-business strategy that is very rare. The insights and practical suggestions contained in Doing e-Business will have a tremendous effect on supply chain management and the way e-business is conducted through the twenty-first century.   

Human Resources Management
This module features a current, real-world perspective that gives readers a crystal-clear picture of what today's HRM is really like. Emphasizing the application of theory, this module carefully integrates real examples with the most up-to-date information available.  

Operations Research (1)
This module includes a new theme on decision analysis, and additional material on computer solutions of linear programming problems, LP applications, and the use of sensitivity analysis output, minimal spanning tree, goal programming, network of queues, and more. Throughout, mathematics is kept to an intermediate level                

Operations Research (2)
This module will use real data and real business situations. This motivates students to learn new concepts and gives them a taste of practical business experience. 

Office Management
This practical module covers the entire planning and management process for both conventional and alternative off icing, indoor air quality, fire safety, and more. From building support systems to key elements of interior design             

Total Quality Management
This module discusses quality management concepts and systems. It provides the students with the benefits steps product life cycle             

Strategic Management
Strategic Management provides students with a realistic, comprehensive, and highly effective approach to strategic management. Students will learn how to use the resource-based view to develop competitive advantage through the acquisition, development and management of resources. 

Change Management (0330453)
This course is talking about the concept and the causes of Management changing , and to introduce the important Strategies that in used , and how to face the resistance of changing.



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