Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes - Department of Business Administration

Upon successful completion of this program, our graduates will be cognizant in the following:


  • Elucidation of Business function areas and demonstrate the interrelatedness between Businesses and their environment. 
  • Explicate the fundamental conceptions and foundations of proper managerial conduct and sound scientific thinking methodologies.
  • Distinguish the most fitting quantitative models and techniques for rigorous managerial decision-making.
  • Familiarity with managerial technological techniques, software, and appropriating it to the conditions and circumstances of managerial work.


  • Communicate with others in an efficient and effective manner in both Arabic and English whether verbally or while writing reports and drafting presentations.
  • Employ technology in processes of data and information collection, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Utilizing critical thinking capacity in managerial decision-making and solving workforce as well as job-related problems and issues.


  • Formulate strategies and make decisions in line with the field’s ethical practices, sustainable development, and social responsibility associated with Business environment.
  • Develop professionalism through life-long learning and apply it via a worldly perspective and in multifaceted diverse contexts.
  • Evaluate the Business function areas and their impact on sustainable performance and to appreciate the dynamic interrelationship between Business organisations and their external environments.

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