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Course Description for Department of Development Studies

115101 Introduction to Development Studies
This course discusses the requirements for sustainable development and its relationship with development studies by relating it to social sustainability. Also sheds light on several social, behavioural, economic, environmental, scientific and political issues that are related to the concept of sustainable development.

115161 Social Problems
This course studies social problems as obstacles/challenges to social development, dealing with the nature of these problems and the means of setting priorities. It also analyzes and explains current problems within Arab society, such as: unemployment & poverty; crime & delinquency; immigration & social assimilation; violence & social coercion; and the degradation of behavioural & social standards.

115251 Development Theories and Methods
This course is concerned with the theory and application of development projects as a program and its effects on society. It also takes a critical approach to both modern and traditional development theories and examines their suitability for the contemporary realities of the Arab world.

115256 Development and the Environment
This course aims to identify socio-environmental issues related to development and ties socio-cultural attitudes and trends with their role in protecting the environment. The course also studies environmental problems and their effects on human societies and looks at the relationship between environmental programs and the concept of sustainable development.

115260 Social Statistics and Development Indicators
This course aims at preparing students in social statistics; it includes the study of data representation and classification; frequency tables and graphs; central tendency measurements; measures of dispersion; regression and correlation; time series; and index numbers, and the study of development indicators.  

115281 Civil Society
This course tackles the various meanings of civil society, its civil institutions and the concept of citizenship and its related duties and rights, and how those rights may benefit development. Also discussed will be the significant intersection of human rights and human development; the relationship between freedom and capabilities; and the relationships between social and political concerns on the one hand and development on the other.

115342 Development Communications
This course tackles the role of communications in spreading the culture of development in contemporary society. It looks at the theories, models, functions, uses and effects of communication. It also studies experiments in radio and television, as well as the educational and informational communication fields, as they relate to development.

115350  Special Topic in Development
Every semester the Department chooses one of development topics related to contemporary issues

115351 M&E of  Development Projects
The focus in this course is on the research methods associated with development studies, primarily the tools and means of both the quantitative method and the descriptive method (and the relationship between the two), as well as the concepts of qualitative and quantitative studies.

115359 Planning and Development Projects
This course aims to study economic planning process and development projects in developing countries, including the needed policies and laws to implement effective plans and projects. And, also the course prepares students to face any possible economic crises.     

115361 Social and Cultural Change
This course tackles social and cultural resistance to change by examining the relevance of development via the following basic paradoxes: Why change? What changes? How does change occur? What are the paths, methods, reasons, processes and results of change? What are the issues, phenomena, power, mechanisms, dynamics, trends and directions of change? Particular importance is given to the globalization movement as a force of worldwide change by examining its effects on Arab society and culture through its bearing on modernization, reform and development.

115365 Women and Gender Studies
This course focuses on the role of woman in development by clarifying the meaning behind the concept of gender and the role it plays in human development. The course also touches on modern theories associated with gender, especially the spread of “gender sensitivity.” Some light will also be shed on the current status of the Arab woman (empowerment, participation, etc.) and the problems she still faces (exploitation, dependency, marginalization, etc.).  

115371 Globalisation and Development
This course tackles the concept of globalization and its role in the development of human societies, performing critical evaluations of economic, political, social, cultural, scientific and technical globalization, as they relate to the realities and needs of “globalize” societies.

115371 Political Economy and Development
This course concentrates on the study of market economy and the development institutes and their role in development.

115457 Development Projects: Practical
In this course, the student participates in a development project being undertaken by a Jordanian institution, under the supervision of the course instructor and in coordination with the developmental institution.

115459 Research Project
The student chooses a research project from among those proposed by the department in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program. The student completes his/her research under the supervision of the course instructor and, as a graduation requirement, defends his/her findings before one or more selected faculty members.

115483 Governance and Political Development
This course tackles the concept of “righteous governance” as it relates to development projects, as well as the concepts of democratization, citizenship, political participation, decentralization, liberalism, reform, modernization and political development.

115484 International Organisations and Development
This course examines the role of the state in international relations, as well as the relationship between power and the state and the balance of power in international relations. It also touches on international organizations, especially those concerned with development, and the role of the United Nations and regional development organizations, as well as globalization and its effect on international relations and the relationship between rich and poor countries.  

320102  Principles of Microeconomics
It is concerned with the study of the macroeconomic framework and the relationships among its main components. It takes up the study of national income accounts, economic fluctuations, Classical & Keynesian theories of income determination, government expenditures, taxes, and fiscal policy, money and banking and monetary policy, and economic development.

320103 Principles of Macroeconomics
It is concerned with the nature of economics and the economic problem. It analyzes the behaviour of individual components of the economy like industries, trims, and households. It studies, among other things, how individual prices are set, considers what determines the prices of resources, and inquires into the strengths and weaknesses of the market mechanism.

340370 Economic Development
This course aims to study social and economic underdevelopment and their internal causes. Then, it takes on the concept of growth & development and the characteristics, methods, theories and models of development. The course also studies major development experiments in contemporary global society and focuses on the current realities and future possibilities of the development experiment in Jordan.  

115255 The Culture of Development
This course examines “the culture of regression,” “the culture of modernization,” and “the culture of development” by tackling the following: the new cultural choices and obligations; the values of efficiency and organization, positive social relations and moralities, modern trends and rational acts; consciousness, capacities and abilities; cultural isolation, cultural specificity, cultural identity and interaction, individual and social freedoms, social exclusion and marginalization; the culture of shame and taboo; social participation and empowerment; the culture of globalization and globalized culture.   

115455 Development Models
This course aims to build the leadership skills needed to manage development projects and enables the student to handle the problems and dilemmas faced by developmental institutions. The course also aims to qualify the student to manage and execute a project with the cooperation of one of the civil society institutions.

115456 Planning and Development Campaigns
This course studies the basics of planning and preparing development campaigns through the employment of various communication methods and the understanding of the means of managing development campaigns.

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