Objectives for Department of Development Studies


This academic program aims to meet the needs of the Jordanian and Arab societies for qualified graduates and competent specialists able to work in all aspects of development through the following steps:

    Increasing the understanding and analytical skills of development and its complementary and supporting fields, as well as the ability to deal with its requirements, problems and complexities.
    Identifying the problems, setting sociological priorities, and making the appropriate decisions.
    Practical training for students in development projects: Planning, strategy, techniques and prioritization while designing and executing successful, modern development programs.
    Qualifying the students to come up with development plans and participate in their execution and follow-up.
    Observing the reality of development in Jordanian and Arab societies, and setting up a modern development database.
    Having the students observe successful development projects and identify the shortcomings and weaknesses of struggling projects.
    Developing the culture of scientific research among researchers, scholars and administrators in various locations.
    Increasing the awareness of Arab development among individual members of society in order to build a modern sociocultural atmosphere better suited to development and reform.

Contact Information

Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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