Program Benchmarks

Program Benchmarks - Department of Development Studies


Qualities of the Development Studies Graduate

The Development Studies graduate from Philadelphia University, is expected to acquire a number of skills, fields of knowledge and competencies, besides being acquainted with the development priorities of his society, qualified to compete in Jordan's job market, and prepared to continue his/her graduate studies.


The graduate is expected to be competent in the following fields of knowledge:

   1. Development thought:
    The graduate has to acquire the skills of thinking, opinion expression, critical thinking, deduction, and induction. In addition, he or she is expected to be able to differentiate between facts and opinions, evaluate pieces of evidence and arguments, and extend the space of freedom, democracy, and human rights and dignity in his/her society. He/she is also expected to be able to differentiate between the activating patterns and the deactivating patterns of development and work to develop the social and communication skills and technologies of development. The graduate should also be qualified for research, analysis and interpretation and informed about the literature of international development especially the International Development Reports issued by the UNDP (United Nations Development program). The graduate has also to practice both practical and intellectual abilities that would contribute in the modern youth culture besides developing a social and human environment suitable for democratic dialogue and human development inside the university and in the larger society.

 2. Social Development:
    The graduate is expected to be able to identify the development priorities of the youth generation, to be an active participant in solving problems especially those pertaining to youth like unemployment, campus and social violence. To start initiatives for group voluntary work, to appreciate the partnership  between the state and the society and the community service obligations of private corporations. Our Graduates should also be informed on funding resources for development research and how to attract funding programs from international organizations, and be able to identify the problems, concepts, approaches, and tools for conducting research allowing him to design and evaluate development programs and plans that have priority and feasibility.

 3. Political development:
    The graduate is expected to be informed about civil rights, getting involved in local, Arab, and international societies, citizenship, democracy, fair elections, political parties, and to actively participate in local community events.

 4. Economic Development:
     This field is covered by the curricula of the faculty of administration and Finance.

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