Administrative Departments

The administrative departments of the library and information resources


 Acquisition Department:

This department develops, receives and records library holdings in its various forms and types. The department continuously communicates with the various publishers to have lists of information resources related to the university disciplines then send these lists to those concerned to choose from. It is also responsible for the donation and exchange of publications with universities and other institutions.


Cataloging & classification Department (Organization of knowledge):

This department carries out the technical processing of information resources according to the procedures adopted by the library for all library materials (print and non-print). This includes cataloging and classifying using the Anglo-American cataloging rules, the international standards for bibliographic description and Dewey Decimal Classification System. M2L- MINISIS software is used for this technical processing.


Department of Technical Services:

This Department consists of two units:

Circulation Unit: This unit is responsible for the technical preparation of the publications after they are classified and catalogued, the supervision of the loan process according to the library regulations and policies, the preparation of related reports and statistics, the supervision of the reserved collection and renewing the reserved books at the request of the faculty members and the completion of the acquittance procedures for the users.

Guidance unit: This unit is responsible for the guidance and training on the methods and means of organizing the library holdings and using the online cataloguing. The unit is also responsible for organizing the books on the shelves depending on their call numbers and read the shelves periodically to ensure the availability of the books in their allocated places.


Databases and periodicals Department

This Department consists of two units:

Databases unit:

This unit is responsible for the administration of the automated system (M2L-MINISIS) used in computing all the library functions and services, as well as, the development and maintenance processes necessary for the library services and meeting the different needs of the users. In addition, it subscribes to electronic information resources, and trains the users to use and utilize them optimally. It also supervises the available computers and its maintenance and ensures its sustainability. Finally, it provides appropriate technical support for the library staff to ensure the completion of the various functions and procedures properly.


Periodicals and indexing unit:

This unit is responsible for the subscription to specialized academic journals that meet the needs of the academic departments in various university faculties, in cooperation with the deans and heads of departments. In addition, it supervises the references and the binding journals halls and ensures the holdings availability on the shelves allocated to them. It also indexes the articles within the subscribed printed journals once they are received, as well as, provides the current awareness and photocopying services

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