Classification System

Library Classification System


The Library collections are organized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System with some adaptations to accommodate the Arabic Language, Arabic Literature and Islamic Religion.  The DDC Scheme classifies knowledge into the following ten main categories with uniform notations (classification numbers) that range from 000 - 999 as follows: 

000 Generalities 500 Natural Sciences & Mathematics 
100 Philosophy and Psychology 600 Technology (Applied Sciences)
200 Religion 700 Arts
300 Social Sciences 800 Literature and Rhetoric
400 Languages 900 History and Geography

Cutter Number (Author numbers, or letters) are added to classification number to constitute the Call Number by which books are arranged on the shelves.  The Library also uses the Anglo-American Cataloguing rules (AACR2), and the International Standards of Bibliographical Description (ISBD-M-S) for descriptive and subjective cataloguing, along with MINISIS Computer program for Processing the storage and retrieval of information

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