Loan Regulations and Instructions:

Publications of the Library are borrowed using the university IDs according the following rules:

  • Member of the Board of Trustees, Faculty member and lecturers can borrow (12) publications for the duration of one semester. These publications should be returned or renewed at the end of the semester. Part-time lecturer and lab supervisors can borrow (5) publications for the duration of one semester.
  • University Administrators can borrow three renewable publications for the duration of one month.
  • Students can borrow three publications for a period of two weeks renewable for a further period of two weeks only.
  • References, periodicals, special collections, manuscripts and non-printed materials such as disks, CDs, Microfilms, and videotapes are not available for loan except in special cases.
  • Loan can not be renewed if a book is requested by someone else; in this case, the priority should be taken into account in loaning book. Students can not borrow additional books if having late return.
  • The library has the right of recalling any borrowed book before the end of the load period, if there is a need for the reservation section.
  • The user pay a fine of 250 J.D fils per book per day for late returns, but the fine should not exceed the books price.
  • Books may be reserved according to the recommendation of the university teaching staff or if there is a strong demand for them by students.
  • If a user lose a book or cause damage to the book, he should secure an original copy of the book or pay a recompense price that is twice the current price plus the cost of binding services and technical processing.
  • Research materials may be borrowed for 48 hours and the   library regulates their use during working hours.
  • If the user loses a part of asset, he has to pay twice the price of the set plus the cost of binding services and technical processing.
  • Articles from periodicals and referenced may be photocopied for 20 J.D fils per page.

Important Guidelines:


  • The library employee is available for your service and to provide assistance for you. So you can consult him when needed.
  • Maintaining calm and order sets for you and your colleagues he right atmosphere for study and reading.
  • Library materials misusing or distortion may expose you to responsibility and the university rules work will be applied.
  • Eating, smoking or using mobile phones is prohibited in all areas of the library.
  • If you want to borrow any library material you have to bring it to the circulation desk .present your university ID and make sure that it is recorded before going out of the library.
  • When you return the books borrowed, make sure that they are deleted by the employee.

Code of Practice:

Students Behavior at the Library and Information Resources:


  • The library is a place for reading. If a student needs a place for conversation, he can go to the cafeteria.
  • There are rules for borrowing of books and references. Students are advised to read them, or consult the librarian.
  • The e-library and internet café facilities are not for chatting. They are for online search of books and references.
  • Newspapers are available on daily basis. Students are advised to read them.
  • The library organizes training courses for the students in the field of library sciences. Students are advised to register.
  • If a student needs a book that is not available, he has to give details to the librarian, who will do his best to procure.

Contact Information

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