An overview

An overview of Faculty of Law

Teaching at the Faculty of Law at Philadelphia University started at the beginning of the academic year 1991/1992.

The faculty has been awarded validation and accreditation since its inception and began to enroll students since that year. It has graduated hundreds of student whom received excellent legal education that helped them be influential  members in their communities as they took up various jobs.

Some of them became judges, lawyers or employees while others pursued their postgraduate studies. They demonstrated that they were well-qualified in addition to being competent and highly distinguished.

The Faculty of Law at Philadelphia University is now considered one of most distinguished faculties of law in Jordan. Its students come from various regions in Jordan and from many countries of the Arab world.

This is due to its excellent reputation and suitability in addition to the type of education that suits their ambitions and future aspirations.

In its educational program, the faculty complies with local and international quality assurance criteria as it applies up- to- date teaching aids and methods, and it makes good use of all feasible educational resources.

Furthermore, it focuses on attracting highly qualified academic and administrative expertise.

The Faculty offers on academic program that leads to the bachelor's degree in law upon successful completion of (141) credit hours. The system in effect at the Faculty – in addition to the theoretical academic studies- allow student the chance to pursue practical applications in the field of law and judiciary. Moreover, the Faculty of Law adopts a distinguished method that is based on the principle that the student is the center of the teaching process and its end. Accordingly , the Faculty shows great attention towards its students. This is evident in the constant work to ensure an environment that supports  learning, the special are about securing all facilities and potentials and the enhancement of student susceptibility to be integrated in the educational process and interact with it to attain the desired goals of graduating effective and successful members who can contribute to their community development.

The Faculty works incessantly to secure all necessary information to its respectable students. Therefore, it has issued many guides and brochures that provide all needed information to ensure that they are well- acquainted with all details related to their study and their scientific progress throughout the four years they spend at this faculty.

The faculty attaches great importance to the training of its students as well as the theoretical study. This goes back to the close correlation between these two sides. Therefore, the program concentrates on applied and practical aspects which play a major role in enhancing students, skills and qualifying them to be creative in their professional field to meet the increasing needs of the labor market for well- trained and highly–qualified graduates amounted to (1,000) students who demonstrated that they were competent and highly qualified.

In a short period of time, the Faculty managed to develop an important legal library that includes many reference books in the Arabic and English languages, as well as a hall for mock trials for the purpose of training students in role play skills through these trials at an average of two trials per semester. Students are involved in running these trials to ensure that they acquire role play skills when they play the role of judges, lawyers, public prosecutors,  witnesses and all trial proceedings under the supervision of specialized  instructors who are well- experienced in the field of judiciary.

The Faculty also houses a computer lab (multi – purpose hall)  which includes a good number of computers which are well – prepared for students use throughout the week. The Faculty provides free easy access to the internet in addition to a big number of legal software programs to enable students to carry out researches they need and to be familiar with all legal legistlations of different countries and to be acquainted with various electronic legal sites.

At the beginning of every semester, the Faculty makes a specific schedule for student field visits to various courts and legal institutions in addition to a special schedule for the symposiums the faculty will organize every semester.

Furthermore, the Faculty holds an annual conference on one of the modern legal issues with the aim of acquainting students with up- to- date legal systems and innovations. Senior low professors from many Arab countries participate in these conferences. The Faculty is currently working to organize an expanded conference on the most recent developments in the field of commercial law. This conference will be held at the beginning of the coming second semester.

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Jarash Road, 20 KM out of Amman, Amman Jordan


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