Faculty committees

Faculty committees - Faculty of Law

Scientific Committee and Educational Resources Committee Duties and Responsibilities

    Promote the preparation of specialized books and scientific researches.
    Receive applications for supporting scientific researches.
    Receive books written by academic staff members.
    Receive faculty members' suggestions about teaching means and methods.
    Oversee graduation projects and all procedures relating to them.
    Discuss course plans and effective suitable amendments and updates.

Study Plan Committee Duties and Responsibilities

    Suggest changes on the study plan, discuss and review it.
    Receive suggestions from faculty members and all stakeholders and give opinion about them.
    Carry out studies on the evaluation of the plan and the extent of suitability to objectives of the program.
    Develop study plan forms and update them.

Guidance and Academic Counselling committee Duties and Responsibilities

    Follow up and monitor academic guidance process and study problems that encounter student guidance.
    Invite academic staff members to specify office hours of the academic counselling.
    Prepare student files and update them constantly.
    Develop academic counselling forms and brochures.

Training scientific symposiums and Activities Committee: Duties and Responsibilities

    Follow up and supervise student training.
    Prepare for specialized scientific conferences and symposiums and invite external lecturers.
    Develop a special guide for student training at the beginning of the academic year.
    Develop form relating to applied training aspects.
    Oversee site visits to courts and other relevant departments.
    Manage and supervise lectures given by lecturers from outside the Faculty.
    Monitor mock trials and training in the multi- purpose hall.

Exams Committee: Duties and Responsibilities

    Prepare first and second exams timetables.
    Organize exam proctoring schedule.
    Receive internal examiner reports and follow up their procedures.
    Receive external examiner reports and follow up their procedures.
    Track all procedures relating to exams.
    Develop all forms relating to exams as well as internal and external examiners.
    Set exam agenda and internal and external evaluation procedures.

Course Equivalency Committee Duties and Responsibilities

Equivalent courses for students who transfer to the Faculty from other universities or form other department at the same university.

Investigation and Student Discipline Committee Duties and Responsibilities

Investigate and examine the violation committed by students and impose appropriate punishments as per the university Regulations and Bylaws.

Local Community Legal Consultancy Unit Duties and Responsibilities

    Render legal consultancy to the university.
    Offer legal consultancy to local community institutions.

Quality Assurance and Control Committee Duties and Responsibilities

    Implement global quality assurance criteria in the educational process.
    Implement quality assurance criteria in the administrative aspects that support the educational process.
    Develop forms which have to do with work procedures at the faculty.
    Develop guides and brochures that help students get familiarized with the Faculty and the study program.
    Oversee and follow up the course of the educational process.
    Continually evaluate and review the educational and administrative procedures.
    Set the agenda of the educational and administrative process monitor their implementation.
    Continually coordinate with the university committee for quality assurance and control.

Public Safety and Risk Management Committee Duties and Responsibilities

    Issue security and public safety bulletins at the Faculty.
    Follow up and monitor security and public safety procedures and provide necessary supplies.
    Arrange training sessions on the procedures to be followed in emergency cases.

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