Publications and Research

Publications and Research of Faculty of Law

Authored Books

  1. Ghazi Sabarrini, Human rights in the natural and Islamic law with mentioning the Qatari’s legislations First Edition, Doha, 1982
  2. Ghazi Sabarrini, Al-Wajaeez in the Temporary Diplomacy (legal Study), First edition, Doha, 1984
  3. Ghazi Sabarrini , Booklet in the welcoming formalities of Ambassadors Appointed in Qatar in three languages (Arabic, English, French) Doha, 1988
  4. Ghazi Sabarrini , Human rights and its essentials liberties, First edition, Dar AL -Thaqafah, Amman, 1995
  5. Ghazi Sabarrini , Human rights and its essentials liberties, Second edition, Dar AL-Thaqafah , Amman, 1997
  6. Ghazi Sabarrini ,A brief on public international law, First edition, Dar AL- Thaqafah, Amman, 2001
  7. Ghazi Sabarrini , Contemporary diplomacy, First edition, Dar AL-Thaqafah Amman, 2001
  8. Ghazi Sabarrini , Human rights and its essentials liberties, Third edition, Dar AL-Thaqafah, Amman, 2003
  9. Ghazi Sabarrini , Contemporary diplomacy, Second edition, Dar AL-Thaqafah Amman, 2003
  10. Fouad Ahmad,The environment and the Islam dimension, Dar Al-Masira, Amman, 2000
  11. Fouad Ahmad, A brief on wills and inheritance, Dar Al-Masira, Amman, 2000
  12. Fouad Ahmad, Islamic Finance and the Role of Private Sector, Dar Al-Masira, Amman, 1999
  13. Fouad Ahmad, Introduction to the Study of Islamic History in Legislation and Scholarship, Dar Yafa, Amman, 2010.
  14. Samira Diat, Planting and Moving Human Organs in Shari'a and Law, Dar AL-Thaqafah Amman, 2003
  15. Issa Dabbah ,Public law encyclopedia, Dar Al-Shuruq,Amman, 2003
  16. Bassam Tarawneh ,Commercial Papers(Endorsement), Dar Wael, Amman, 2003
  17. Bassam Tarawneh, Commercial Law, Dar AL-Jawhara, Amman, 2004 Enas Quteishat, Crime of money laundering, Dar Wael, Amman, 2003
  18. Bassam Tarawneh, Commercial Papers and Banking Operations Dar Al-Masira, Amman, 2009
  19. Eyad Bataineh , Computer software contracts,2005, Dar Wael, Amman
  20. Osama Nouaimat, The Right of Public Artificial Persons in Owning Intellectual Property, Dar Wael, Amman, 2008
  21. Osama Nouaimat, Estoppel from Work under the Jordanian Administrative System, Dar Wael, Amman, 2008.
  22. Mohammad Ta'ani, Explination of Jordanian Social Security Law, (Forthcoming, 2008)
  23. Mohammad Ta'ani, The Judge's Authority in Controlling Procedures Civil Disputes, Dar Al-Masira, Amman, 2008
  24. Mahmoud Badawi, Pricing in Shari'a Compared to Law, (Forthcoming)
  25. Towfiq Al-Hirsh, Criminal Protection for Computer Software, Dar Al'elm, UAE.

Articles and Researches

  1. Ghazi Sabarrini, Principles of nations right to self-determination in the public international law, law Journal, first volume, 1992
  2. Ghazi Sabarrini, Disarmament and international law, Law Journal, first volume, 1995
  3. Ghazi Sabarrini , Removal of weapons and international law, law journal, Seventh volume, 1995
  4. Ghazi Sabarrini , Removal of weapons and international law, law journal, Eighth & Ninth volume, 1995
  5. Ghazi Sabarrini, Jerusalem and international organizations, research submitted to the third assembly, Jerusalem’s assemblies, University of Jordan, 2000
  6. Ghazi Sabarrini, People’s right to self-determination, Law Journal , 2005
  7. Ghazi Sabarrini, International Terrorism, The Journal of Law, 1995.
  8. Ghazi Sabarrini, Women Rights in Islam, International Treaties and Jordanian Law, 2009.
  9. Ghazi Sabarrini, Children Rights in International, Islamic and Jordanian Legislations, University of Tabsah Journal, Algeria, 1995.
  10. Ghazi Sabarrini, International Criminal Court, The Journal of Law, 1995.
  11. Fouad Ahmad, Aims of Islamic Economics, Al-Quds Open University, 2000
  12. Fouad Ahmad ,Crime of honor, , Law Journal, 2002
  13. Fouad Ahmad , To Appeal/ its meaning and categories, law Journal, 2003
  14. Fouad Ahmad, Marriage to Christian and Jewish Women "Women of the Book", Al-Zarqa Private University, 2001
  15. Eyad A. Bataineh, Legal contract based on personal consideration, rsearch submitted to the Jordanian Bar Association , Jordan, 2002
  16. Eyad A. Bataineh, Contracts Based on Personal Consideration, Jordan Bar Association, 2002.
  17. Eyad A. Bataineh, Civil Liablity of Environmental Damages, Yarmouk University, 2006.
  18. Samed Al-Darawsheh, Mixed Marriage and its Effect on Children's Nationality, Research Center, Moscow, 1999
  19. Samed Al-Darawsheh, The Applicable Law over Divorce Cases with a Foreign Elements, Moldovia University Journal, 2000.
  20. Samed Al-Darawsheh, Adoption in Law and Scholarship, Moldovia Adocate's Journal, 2001.
  21. Mohammad Ta'ani, Rapidity as an Element in Rapid Cases, (Forthcoming)
  22. Osama Nouaimat, Contniuous Administrative Decisions, Lebanes Bar Association Journal., 2005.
  23. Osama Nouaimat, Stopping the Enforcement Administrative Decisions, (Forthcoming)
  24. Osama Nouaimat, Presidantial Power in the Course of Public Employment, Inaba University Journal, 2006.


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