Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance at Faculty of Law

Quality Assurance at Faculty of Law

Quality Management Agenda
Committees Agenda
Coordinator Agenda
Academic Tutor Agenda
Teachers (Lecturers) Agenda
Quality Monitoring
Quality Monitoring Agenda
Quality Assurance Handbook
Administrative and Academic Regulations
Faculty Guidelines and brochures
Course – coordinators
Instructions concerning the strdent’s representative
Academic Supervision (Advisory) Guide
Research Paper Guidelines
Quality Management Infrastructure
Administrative Infrastructure
Aims and Objectives
Quality Management Strategy
Personal Tutor Guideline
Module Description
Module Aims
Teaching outcomes
Moot court Room Reservation
Multi purpose Room Reservation
Field Visit (For instructor)
Field Visit (For Visit Destination)
External lecture report (for module instructor)
Practical applications Form (for students)
Examination Attendance
Examination sheet
Statistical Report of Students Results
Students representation
Office Hours
Students training
Course work
Students Field Visit (for students)
Peer Visit Report
Library Visit (for module instructor)
Evaluation Form of Learning Recourses (Library Resources)
A request for publications of the faculty
Coordinator Notes
Report of Internal Examiner
Standard Answer and Marks scheme
Academic Performance
self -study strategy
Module teaching strategy
Assessment strategy
Text Book Form
Graduation Project Proposal
Research paper proposal
Module co-ordinator
A request for changing the subject of the research paper
External lecture report (for the external lecturer)
Student academic performance report
External Examiner Report
Co-ordinator report
Project Evaluation Form
External Lecturer Evaluation (for Students)
Exams Procedures
Procedures for hosting an outside lecturer
Graduation (research) project procedures
Investigation procedures in case of student violations (contraventions)
Procedures For Utilization Of A Multi-Purpose Room
Procedures Regulating questionnaires
Study Plan Amendment Procedures
Procedures Pertaining to Regulation Of The External Examiner
Field Visit procedures
The procedures and regulation pertaining to the internal examiner
Moot Court Room Guideline

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