E-Learning courses

E-courses Produced by Philadelphia University


List of e-courses which are equivalent to one (1) Credit Hour:

    Faculty of Engineering
        Electrical Circuits
        Engineering Skills
        Signal Analysis and Processing
        Mechatronics Systems
    Faculty of Information Technology
        Introduction to Information Systems and Technology
        Fundamentals of Telecommunications and Computer Networks
        Fundamentals of Databases
        Software Analysis and Design
    Faculty of Administration and Financial Sciences
        Financial Management
        Information Systems Analysis And Design
        Administrative Commercial Statistics
    Faculty of Pharmacy
        Pharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry-1
        Pharmaceutics (I)
    Faculty of Law
        Introduction to Commercial Law
    Faculty of Nursing
        Physical Examination - Theory
        Principles of Scientific Research
    Faculty of Arts
        National Education
        Introduction to Psychology
    Faculty of Science
    Language Center
        ​English Skills (1).
        English Skills (2).

List of e-courses which are equivalent to three (3) Credit Hours:

    Language Center
        Remedial English Skills.
    ​Faculty of Information Technology
        Pre-Computer Skills.

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